About us

Utilising the knowledge of producing, monitoring and maintaining information terminals (Info kiosks), which was accumulated since 2008, we started a specialized terminal production company INFOKIOSKAS in the beginning of 2016. The company was based on a combination of experience, technological awareness as well as ties with suppliers. Soon to be a decade’s worth of experience in the production and maintenance of over 100 units working 24/7 in Lithuania and Latvia; the ability to accommodate to all of our clients’ needs; investment into research and the furthering of our understanding of the field – these are our perks. We can always advise and help find the best solution. We care that the client would not only buy a good item or service, but would also have quick access to help and maintenance after the product is purchased. It is this attitude that allows us to earn trust, which in turn leads to a satisfied customer that wants to do business again, and recommends us to their peers.

We produce various information terminals and monitors which can be used indoors and outdoors. These come in an assortment of size and complexity.

Not only do we enjoy what we do, but it also interests us. By experimenting and testing the limitations of technology we often find unexpected, seemingly terminal-unrelated solutions, such as in the fields in lighting or music. We offer all of this to You.